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"When we were launching Irelandís first regional radio station, I had no hesitation in buying Myriad; Scoop and Powerlog."

Kieran McGeary,
Launch director, Beat 102-103, Waterford, Ireland.


Video Tutorial Centre: Myriad

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Myriad Quick Start Course: This course covers all the basics in Myriad. From downloading and licensing Myriad to adding your first Carts, simple scheduling and presenting your first show. This lessons in this course should be viewed before you move on to the next course.

1: Installing & Licensing View Download 35MB View Download 90MB
2: Basic Orientation View Download 26MB View Download 26MB
3: Adding Content View Download 46MB View Download 61MB
4: Setting Up A Cart View Download 95MB View Download 137MB
5: Playing A Cart View Download 37MB View Download 26MB
6: Configuring & Using Instant Track View Download 39MB View Download 58MB
7: Live Assist & Automation View Download 94MB View Download 144MB
8: Course Review View Download 5MB View Download 5MB
Complete Quick Start Course   Download 382MB   Download 548MB
Myriad Course For General Users: This course has been designed for general Myriad users who have completed the Quick Start course and are ready to learn more about Myriad's general operation. All major aspects of 'every day' Myriad use are covered in this course plus there may be a few little tricks you would never think of. The lessons in this course should be completed in sequence once you have competed the Quick Start Course.
1: Navigating The Audio Wall View Download 57MB View Download 115MB
2: Finding Carts View Download 19MB View Download 37MB
3: Instant Carts View Download
View Download 175MB
4: The Pad View Download 61MB View Download 153MB
5: The Database Screen View Download 47MB View Download 76MB
6: The Log View Download 87MB View Download 115MB
7: SmoothEdit - Normalising & Trimming View Download 66MB View Download 119MB
8: Sweepers & Hooks View Download 55MB View Download 122MB
9: Segue Editing & Voice Tracking View Download 126MB View Download 187MB
10: Auto-Instant Track & AutoFill View Download 28MB View Download 66MB
11: Customising Myriad View Download 41MB View Download 84MB
12: Course Review View Download 5MB View Download 5MB
Complete General Users Course   Download 597MB   Download 1.2GB
Myriad Course For System Administrators: Whilst the first two courses have been designed for general users, this course concentrates on configuring and maintaining your Myriad system as well as handling the User Security aspects. This course assumes that you have completed the first two courses and that you have a working knowledge of Myriad and Windows.
1: File & Data Locations View Download 52MB View Download 121MB
2: Overview Of Settings View Download 101MB View Download 249MB
3: Myriad Manager Overview View Download 62MB View Download 84MB
4: User Security & History View Download 54MB View Download 77MB
5: Mass Manipulation View Download 31MB View Download 40MB
6: Recommended Backup Procedure View Download 14MB View Download 24MB
7: Compact / Repair Database View Download 19MB View Download 23MB
8: Course Review View Download 5MB View Download 5MB
Complete Systems Administrators Course   Download 346MB   Download 626MB
Myriad Support Products Basic Course: In addition to the core Myriad program, the Myriad suite contains a number of supporting applications that (depending on your license) may be available to you. This course takes you through the basic functions of the most common supporting programs and will give you an insight in to what is possible with the Myriad suite of applications. This course assumes that you have a good working knowledge of Myriad and that you have viewed the previous courses.
1: Log Importer View Download 22MB View Download 28MB
2: Remote Edit Server View Download 49MB View Download 88MB
3: Remote Voice Tracking View Download 48MB View Download 111MB
4: What Is AutoTrack? View Download 18MB View Download 12MB
Compete Support Products Course   Download 139MB   Download 240MB

Please note that the downloadable videos are in a ZIP format so you will need some type of ZIP utility to unzip them. Most modern Windows and MAC OS's include this facility. If you are not prompted to save the Download files then try right clicking and selecting the 'Save Target As' option.

These tutorial videos are provided 'as is' and we whist we do everything practical to keep them up to date, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

We are quite happy for you to download these videos and make them available on your own network as long as they are used for non-commercial use. 


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