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"When we were launching Irelandís first regional radio station, I had no hesitation in buying Myriad; Scoop and Powerlog."

Kieran McGeary,
Launch director, Beat 102-103, Waterford, Ireland.


Licensing Overview

Most P Squared Products use a License Code system to make sure that only legitimate users can use them. Almost all of our software uses our proprietary "Activation Code" (also called a "P-SQUISH") and matching "License Code" system to lock your software license to a computer. Once locked to your computer, it stops any other users from being able to illegally run the license you paid for.

When you install a P Squared Product, a License Wizard is displayed for you to enter your "P-SQUID" (you can think of this as your account number), your License Name and your Features Code (this determines what different features your software has).  You can then easily license your software automatically over the internet.

Online Services Portal - New!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Online Services Portal which allows you to renew licenses using a simple website.  This is ideal if you cannot access the internet on your computer, or your computer cannot connect to our Online Licensing Server (for instance because of a firewall)/

The address for the new portal is:

This new site is one of the most asked for facilities because many non-profit stations are located behind firewalls that prevent such automatic connections, and because they are only able to attend outside of office hours obtaining new license codes can be problematic.

If you aren't able to use either of the above methods, you can always license over the telephone in which case the License Wizard displays a set of numbers that you read to us. We then read you back a series of numbers that you type into the Wizard to complete the licensing process.

If you have any questions, please have a read of our Licensing FAQ, and if you still have questions, please email and we will be happy to help.


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