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"When we were launching Irelandís first regional radio station, I had no hesitation in buying Myriad; Scoop and Powerlog."

Kieran McGeary,
Launch director, Beat 102-103, Waterford, Ireland.


Welcome To The P Squared Video Tutorial Centre

In this section of the website, you will have access to a number of online courses designed to guide you through using P Squared products and give you a solid foundation for exploring their capabilities yourself.

There are a number of courses available for each product. This allows you to start with the simple stuff and then progress to the more complicated aspects when you are happy. Each course comprises of a number of training tutorials that combine visual elements with commentary to provide a simple but effecting learning tool.

To view the courses available for a specific product, please click on the product name below.

  • Myriad

  • Scoop

  • AutoTrack & AutoTrack Pro

  • PowerLog

  • Nuxus

  • The Stuff Range

Please note that creating tutorials is a fairly time consuming process. We will update this section regularly to include new tutorials and courses. We apologies if the course you are interested in is currently not available.

It is our aim to continue to expand upon the range of tutorials and courses available. Please check back regularly to view any new tutorials and if you have any suggestions about areas or processes that you would like us to create a tutorial about, please email


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