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"When we were launching Irelandís first regional radio station, I had no hesitation in buying Myriad; Scoop and Powerlog."

Kieran McGeary,
Launch director, Beat 102-103, Waterford, Ireland.


Learning Centre: Myriad

Welcome to the P Squared Myriad Learning Centre. In this section of the site you will find a series of tutorial courses designed to give you a good foundation in Myriad and how to get the most of it for your station.

In order to make this experience as accessible and informative as possible, we have devised a series of courses designed to take you from 'first principles' right through to Myriad's advanced features and administrating the system. Each course is broken down in to a number of short tutorials that can be viewed as many times as you like. The tutorials are arranged in a logical sequence with each building on a layer of knowledge provided by the previous.

For this reason we recommend that you tackle both the courses and the lessons within each course in sequence to ensure that you do not miss a vital step along the way.

The lessons themselves range from just few minutes to around half an hour and they consist of both visual direction and an audio commentary to really help you understand what is happening on screen.

We can't promise you will be an expert by the end, but if you take the time to complete all of the courses included here, you will certainly have a great foundation in using Myriad.

The courses available for Myriad are:

  • Myriad Quick Start Course - This course covers all the basics in Myriad. From downloading and licensing Myriad to adding your first Carts, simple scheduling and presenting  your first show. This lessons in this course should be viewed before you move on to the next course.

  • Myriad Course For General Users - This course has been designed for general Myriad users who have completed the Quick Start course and are ready to learn more about Myriad's general operation. All major aspects if 'every day' Myriad use are covered in this course plus there may be a few little tricks you may never think of. The lessons in this course should be completed in sequence once you have competed the Quick Start Course.

  • Myriad Course For System Administrators - Whilst the first two courses have been designed for general users, this course concentrates on configuring and maintaining your Myriad system as well as handling the User Security aspects. This course assumes that you have completed the first two courses and that you have a working knowledge of Myriad and Windows.

  • Myriad Support Products Basic Course - In addition to the core Myriad program, the Myriad suite contains a number of supporting applications that (depending on your license) may be available to you. This course takes you through the basic functions of the most common supporting programs and will give you an insight in to what is possible with the Myriad suite of applications. This course assumes that you have a good working knowledge of Myriad and that you have viewed the previous courses.

Please note, the tutorial videos are in Windows Media format so you will need Windows Media Player or similar in order to view them.


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